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Green Coffee Bean Cupping/Grading

Expert Cupping/ Grading Reports

Green Coffee Bean Cupping/Grading using a patented A.I. technology

Expert Cupping/Grading Reports all on one platform


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How it works

ProfilePrint Hub uses AI models trained by professional Q-Graders to ascertain the grade and quality of green coffee beans.

Our goal is to create a low-cost and highly effective digital grading system for coffee beans. With just 50g of coffee bean samples, ProfilePrint’s non-destructive technology scans and generates a digital report inclusive of cupping scores and other sensory parameters. This facilitates the sharing of results and scores with potential buyers with greater ease and convenience.

A report depository at your fingertips

Send green coffee bean samples and receive your ProfilePrint reports online. This report can be easily shared with your buyers.

Make informed decisions

Buyers receiving ProfilePrint reports can be more assured of its quality and grade, shortening your purchase decision.

Our Partners

ProfilePrint is the Technology Partner for Singapore Specialty Coffee Auction 2021 organised by Singapore Coffee Association. View Catalog

ProfilePrint works closely with Indonesian farmers, in collaboration with SCOPI View Listings

ProfilePrint offers a more accurate, consistent and rapid cupping solution